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South East Asia Land Cover

Forest Monitoring

Myanmar National Land Cover Partal

Myanmar National IPCC


Our services are tailored to the needs of the region and developed through consultation and collaboration with partners from around the world to bring NASA’s satellite imagery, geospatial data, and Earth science research into decision-making processes to achieve meaningful and lasting development impact. The co-developers of each service, as well as the broader users and stakeholders, can be found in each service entry.

All of the data used within our services is open-source data. This data is freely and publicly available to increase data accessibility, which is critical to solving regional and national development challenges.

Easily Accessible

The system uses free, easily accessible, open source data and is fully customizable to meet user-tailored needs


Collaborative development enables flexible and consistent land cover classifications

Frequently Updated

Information is annually updated with high accuracy to ensure relevancy

Artificial Intelligence

The system uses the newest methodologies in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Cloud Technology

Use of the latest cloud computing technologies, leveraging the power of Google Earth Engine cloud-based platform.

Well-documented Methodology

Methodology includes quality control and assurance, approved by a rigorous scientific peer review process

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